Breakthrough AI Updates That Will Change The World


This was an explosive week for AI, with OpenAI rehiring their CEO after a board shakeup attempt, and despite the drama, releasing new voice features on ChatGPT. Multiple other AI companies also released major updates, including Claude 2.1 from Anthropic doubling its context length, Orca 2 from Microsoft outperforming larger models, Inflection AI claiming its new model is second only to GPT-4, and potential hints of a powerful new OpenAI math model dubbed qar. The advances across natural language, video generation, and more demonstrate the field continues rapidly evolving.

Timestamped Highlights

🤯 OpenAI saw board drama with CEO Sam Altman being temporarily removed. After researchers threatened to quit, Sam was reinstated 4 days later.
⚡️ Despite OpenAI's chaos, new voice features launched on ChatGPT this week.
📈 Inflection AI released Inflection 2 model, claiming it's second best behind GPT-4.
🤳 Anthropic launched Claude 2.1, doubling context length to 200k tokens.
💻 Microsoft introduced Orca 2 models that match or beat larger models.
🎥 Stability AI launched Stable Video Diffusion for short AI-generated videos.
🗣️ ElevenLabs released speech-to-speech cloning allowing custom inflection.

Key Insights

OpenAI's temporary removal of CEO Sam Altman shows concerns around commercialization and power.
Rapid launches from multiple AI labs indicates quickening pace of progress in models.
New video, speech, and natural language models demonstrate expansive capabilities.
Shortcomings like Claude 2.1's positional recall may lead to technique improvements.
Inflection joining the ranks of advanced models signals rising competition.
Rumors around OpenAI's qar math model hint at scary encryption hacking potential.
AI continues proving hugely valuable for healthcare, like pancreatic cancer detection.
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