How People Are Using ChatGPT Upgrades to Create Disruptive AI Apps


The OpenAI Dev Dat event introduced massive upgrades to ChatGPT, including new APIs for vision, text-to-speech, and custom GPT assistants. People are already building innovative apps like live sports commentators, personalized Spotify playlist generators, AI yoga instructors with visual feedback, and custom GPTs for specific use cases. These assistants reduce friction and allow mainstream users to benefit from AI without needing coding expertise.

Timestamped Highlights

🤯 AI creates custom music playlists based on your Spotify data
🎮 AI live commentates video games like FIFA and League of Legends
💡 Preset 'GPTs' are customized for specific single purposes
😄 Fun sticker creation tool using DALL-E in a GPT
🔨 Building your own custom assistant GPTs
🤝 GPTs can connect and share data with external apps
🧘 AI yoga instructor with visual feedback on poses

Key Insights

How single-purpose GPTs will enable mainstream AI adoption: By presetting capabilities and data, these eliminate the need for coding skills or crafting complex prompts.
How multiple GPTs will soon work together: GPTs can already integrate external apps and share data. Soon they may collaborate, like a Spotify playlist GPT sending suggestions to a to-do list GPT.
Computer vision + GPTs: Apps with cameras can now utilize vision AI for personalized feedback, like the AI yoga instructor correcting poses. This could transform telehealth, fitness, design, and beyond.
AI commentary: Text-to-speech + vision APIs enable automated live commentary of games, practices, and more. Huge potential for video games lacking human commentators.
Customization is key: Preset prompts help, but the power lies in building specialized GPTs for specific use cases, preloaded with your data and preferences.
Rapid innovation: People built advanced AI apps in <48 hours. In a few years, specialized AI assistants will be transformative.
Which jobs will be impacted: Rather than 'will AI replace jobs,' it's *which* jobs and responsibilities will be augmented or replaced.
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