Using ChatGPT to Get Instant YouTube Video Summaries and Subtitles


This video introduces two Chrome extensions, Transcript Summarizer and GPT Browser Extension, that use ChatGPT to provide instant transcripts, summaries, and subtitles for YouTube videos. Previously, YouTube's built-in subtitles were not always accurate and had formatting issues. But these extensions leverage ChatGPT to refine and correct the subtitles, summarizing videos in both English and Korean in just seconds with a single click. The extensions demonstrate how ChatGPT's language capabilities can be used to quickly analyze and process digital content.

Timestamped Highlights

πŸ˜„ Introducing how ChatGPT can now summarize YouTube videos and provide captions
πŸ’‘ Quick overview of how the Transcript Summarizer and GPT Browser Extension work
πŸ˜• The English transcript summaries are confusing at first
πŸ’‘ Sending the right prompts to ChatGPT gives cleaner Korean summaries

Key Insights

ChatGPT's language skills allow it to process videos rapidly
The extensions showcase valuable applications of AI language models
Integrating ChatGPT into web browsers enables new helpful features
Automated analysis of digital content will only improve over time
ChatGPT handles English-Korean translation reasonably well
These extensions save huge time analyzing videos
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