How to Boost Productivity and Learning With ChatGPT: The Ultimate Guide


This video provides a full framework for using ChatGPT and other AI tools to accelerate learning. It is based on cognitive load theory and focuses on enhancing critical thinking at each stage. The key is to use AI to reduce unwanted cognitive load so you can focus mental energy on high-quality thinking.

Timestamped Highlights

πŸ’‘ AI helps guide thinking, search info, generate insights to offload cognitive load
πŸ’‘ Ask ChatGPT for optimal sequence and syllabus to learn new topics
πŸ’‘ Prompt ChatGPT to explain concepts simply and tie back to big picture
πŸ’‘ Have ChatGPT compile comparisons and explanations of relationships
πŸ’‘ Get AI to create practice questions and provide detailed explanations
πŸ’‘ Explain your understanding and have ChatGPT critique it to fill gaps

Key Insights

Cognitive load theory sees learning as construct, connect, and challenge. Reduce unwanted mental effort so you can focus on critical thinking.
Construct means determining optimal sequence to introduce concepts. Ask ChatGPT to create syllabus and explore related topics.
Connect involves analyzing relationships between ideas. Have ChatGPT create tables to compare concepts.
Challenge tests if your understanding makes sense. Use practice questions and ask for detailed explanations.
The quality of ChatGPT's output depends on the quality of your input. Be specific with prompts and always think critically.
Don't accept ChatGPT's statements as absolute facts. It still makes some mistakes so take responsibility for verifying.
GUIDES don't REPLACE thinking - use AI as a tool to accelerate yours!
This blog is a summary of a YouTube video "How to learn anything fast using ChatGPT | Full guide to studying with AI - YouTube" by Cajun Koi Academy