CBUM's Fitness Philosophy: Building a Champion's Mindset


Chris Bumstead, widely known as CBUM, discusses his journey as a 5-time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique champion. He touches on his approach to training, diet, and the importance of maintaining health in high-performance sports. Chris also shares his views on parenting, entrepreneurship, and his future plans, showcasing his multifaceted life beyond bodybuilding.

Timestamped Highlights

🏋️‍♂️ Chris delves into the creative nicknames fans have given him, reflecting his impact on the bodybuilding community. He also discusses the importance of sponsorships in his career and the role of clothing brands in his day-to-day life.
👶 Bumstead talks about expecting his first child and how he anticipates this new chapter in life to be his greatest achievement yet. He expresses his excitement to become a father, highlighting his personal growth.
💊 CBUM candidly discusses the use of steroids in professional bodybuilding, his health-conscious approach, and the implications for aspiring young athletes.
🥇 Chris reflects on his journey to becoming a 5-time Mr. Olympia champion, his discipline, and the factors contributing to his success in the sport.
🥦 Diet is a focal point for any bodybuilder, and Bumstead shares his dietary preferences during training, underscoring the significance of nutrition in achieving peak physical form.
🎯 He shares his training philosophy, emphasizing consistency, hard work, and the importance of focusing on both mental and physical health for success.
📈 CBUM discusses his academic background, his decision to pursue bodybuilding full-time, and how he balances his career with his entrepreneurial ventures.

Key Insights

Chris Bumstead's down-to-earth persona and transparency about his bodybuilding journey have earned him a dedicated following. He stresses that while his physique is a result of hard work, his approachable demeanor is what resonates with fans.
Achieving the title of Mr. Olympia multiple times has not only made CBUM a prominent figure in the sport but also a role model. His consistent performance is a testament to his dedication to the sport and his ability to overcome challenges.
Diet plays a critical role in CBUM's training regimen. His focus on nutrition and the way he adapts his diet throughout the year showcases the level of detail that goes into preparing for bodybuilding competitions.
Chris discusses the misconceptions surrounding bodybuilding, particularly the use of steroids. He provides a nuanced perspective, advocating for a balanced approach that prioritizes long-term health.
The anticipation of fatherhood has brought a new dimension to Chris's life. His thoughts on parenting reveal his priorities and the legacy he hopes to leave for his child.
Bumstead's entrepreneurial spirit shines through as he talks about his ventures outside of bodybuilding. His strategic moves in business are as calculated and disciplined as his approach to training.
Chris values education and personal development. His decision to leave school to pursue bodybuilding was not made lightly, and he emphasizes the importance of having a backup plan and setting oneself up for success beyond sports.


What is CBUM's outlook on balancing bodybuilding and health?

Chris emphasizes the importance of health in high-performance sports, advocating for a responsible approach to training and steroid use.

How does Chris Bumstead feel about fatherhood?

Chris expresses immense joy and anticipation for becoming a father, seeing it as an opportunity for personal growth and his next big achievement.

What are CBUM's dietary essentials during training?

While Chris doesn't believe in any secret foods, he stresses the importance of consistent, healthy eating habits and names chicken as a staple in his diet.

How did Chris Bumstead get started in bodybuilding?

Chris was introduced to bodybuilding by his brother-in-law, Ian, who noticed his potential and encouraged him to compete.

What are CBUM's future plans after competing?

Apart from potentially having his own bodybuilding competition, Chris is focused on growing his businesses and enjoying life beyond the sport.
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