PewDiePie Reveals the Real Reason He Left His Home Country of Sweden


In his latest video, PewDiePie gives viewers insight into Swedish culture and his motivations for moving away from Sweden. He touches on Sweden's geography, innovations, cuisine, Christmas traditions, the country's fixation with Donald Duck, and Sweden's complex relationship with neighbor Norway. Ultimately, despite professing his love for Sweden, PewDiePie suggests his move was prompted by a desire to give others a chance to enjoy Sweden's greatness from afar.

Timestamped Highlights

🗺️ Compares Sweden's geography to male anatomy, with Finland as the 'ball sack.'
💡 Discusses famous Swedish innovations like the Celsius temperature scale, dynamite, ball bearings, and the cream separator.
🌡️ Explains merits of Celsius over Fahrenheit temperature scale.
🍔 Contrasts Swedish inventions with American innovations like peanut butter and the hamburger.
🥟 Introduces classic Swedish foods like meatballs (with lingonberries!), fermented herring, and Christmas must.
🎄 Describes tradition of drinking Julmust soda only during the Christmas season.
🦆 Comments on Sweden's obsession with Disney character Donald Duck.
🇳🇴 Advises never to say anything positive about Norway to a Swede.
🛢️ Laments Norway's trillion-dollar oil profits, which Sweden missed out on.

Key Insights

Why Norway and Sweden Have Beef: After centuries of conflict, Sweden ruled Norway for 100 years before Norway celebrated independence in 1905. Then when Norway tapped its offshore oil reserves in the 1960s, Sweden spitefully refused Norway's offer to share profits in exchange for Volvo ownership.
Donald Duck's Films Air Annually on Sweden's Public TV: Every year at 3 pm on Christmas Day, the 1958 Disney film From All of Us to All of You airs on SVT1 and consistently garners 50% of the country's viewership.
Assassination of Sweden's King Sparked Era of Peace: In the 1300s, the murder of Swedish monarch Magnus IV ultimately led to a pact forming the Kalmar Union, ending centuries of violence between Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
North Korea Procured Volvos from Sweden on Credit: In the 1970s Sweden exported thousands of Volvo cars to North Korea, billing their government. But Pyongyang never paid Sweden for the over $100 million purchase.
Swedes Have a Second Breakfast Called Fika: Typically paired with a cinnamon bun, fika is a coffee break that helps Swedes cope with long, cold winters.
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