How To Build and Sell Customizable AI Agents With GPT-3


This tutorial demonstrates how to leverage OpenAI's GPT-3 platform to develop customized "GPTs" or AI assistants that can be trained for niche outcomes. It outlines simple to intermediate configurations, provides examples made by others, and covers advanced features like adding zapier AI actions. The goal is to enable anyone to create useful AI agents, whether for personal use or for selling/sharing.

Timestamped Highlights

🤖 OpenAI has introduced GPTs - customizable AI agents for specialized use cases that can revolutionize how we interact with language models.
📝 Ensure your OpenAI account is upgraded and has GPT-4 access enabled to build GPTs. The feature may still be rolling out to some users.
🧠 Building a sample GPT bot via OpenAI's guided prompt that helps new YouTubers grow their channels.
📚 Upload additional data, like updated guidelines or YouTube growth strategies, to augment the GPT's knowledge.
⚙️ The "Configure" tab offers more customization like tweaking conversation starters and the bot's personality.
🤝 Zapier integration can connect the GPT to apps to automatically execute actions through permissions.
💾 "Save As Private" shares the bot only via link for testing before a public release.

Key Insights

Idea Generation: GPTs open up possibilities like making AI assistants for specific niches and use cases or even generating income.
Configuration: Carefully sculpting the bot's knowledge base, allowed actions, personality and more is key to usefulness.
Knowledge Infusion: Adding relevant data through uploads gives the models knowledge past April 2023 for better performance.
User Experience: Well-designed instructions, avoided topics and conversation starters result in easy, enjoyable interactions.
Integrations: Zapier can connect the GPTs to other apps to automatically execute useful workflows with authorization.
Distribution: The bots can be kept private, shared via links or published publicly on OpenAI's forthcoming GPT store.
Monetization: With careful configuration, unique data and helpful outcomes, customized GPTs present monetization opportunities.
This blog is a summary of a YouTube video "How To Create CUSTOM GPTs Easily (Full Tutorial) (For Beginners) Build and sell AI agents - YouTube" by TheAIGRID