3 Ways to Capitalize on New OpenAI GPT Assistants in 2024


OpenAI has released GPTs, customizable versions of ChatGPT that companies can tailor to their specific use cases. There are 3 main opportunities to make money with GPTs: 1) Build GPT "apps" for OpenAI's marketplace, 2) Sell customized GPT solutions to businesses, 3) Become a freelance GPT developer. To succeed, you need to find unique data and build unique models others can't copy, pick a niche industry or customer to focus on, and develop technical skills for building GPT apps.

Timestamped Highlights

πŸ”₯ GPTs are being adopted by huge companies, showing the future is AI assistants for every business. Anyone can build customized GPT solutions.
πŸ’‘ GPTs allow creating AI assistants tailored to specific companies and use cases by customizing 3 ingredients: prompting, knowledge data, and actions.
πŸ€‘ Opportunity 1: Build GPT apps for OpenAI's marketplace. But beware competition and OpenAI copying popular apps.
πŸ€‘ Opportunity 2: More sustainable value in selling GPT solutions directly to businesses vs consumers.
πŸ‘ Opportunity 3: Specialize as a freelancer in building GPT apps using Python and Javascript. Agencies will hire you.

Key Insights

Escaping the race to the bottom - For sustainable income, create GPTs with private data others can't easily replicate. Don't rely solely on public data that can be copied fast.
Domain focus beats generic - Pick a niche customer or industry to build tailored GPTs for rather than creating generic apps for consumers. Business focus is key.
First mover advantage - Learning technical skills to build custom GPT apps now as a freelancer or agency will set you up for success as demand grows exponentially.
Recurring revenue streams - Maintain ownership of unique GPTs to sell ongoing access. Constantly improve them to upsell clients on new capabilities.
Leverage partnerships - If lacking technical skills, partner with freelancer developers. If lacking clients, partner with agencies selling GPT services.
This blog is a summary of a YouTube video "3 Ways to Make Money With OpenAI GPTs in 2024 - YouTube" by Liam Ottley