Top AVAX Crypto Gaming Coins That Could 22x In 2023


AVAX is poised to be a top performer in a crypto bull run, chasing gains behind Ethereum and Solana. When that AVAX narrative heats up, money will spill into crypto gaming on AVAX. Coins to watch include infrastructure plays like BEAM, gaming studios building anticipated titles like Godzilla Games' Play Off The Grid, and crypto games attracting attention like Play Shrapnel. These could see 10-30x gains if the narratives play out.

Timestamped Highlights

😲 AVAX ecosystem is wildly undervalued and some coins could 20-30x in a bull run
🎮 Crypto gaming market cap is less than peak Dogecoin market cap, gaming could easily 7-8x
📈 BEAM has not even touched $1 billion market cap yet which is early for a bull run
🕹️ Godzilla Games building anticipated title Play Off The Grid on AVAX
💥 Play Shrapnel will have strong narrative and serious legs in a bull run
🚀 Fableborn and Providence are unreleased AVAX crypto games to watch

Key Insights

AVAX Ecosystem Thesis: AVAX will chase gains behind Ethereum and Solana in a bull run. When that narrative heats up, money flows into ecosystems underneath like gaming.
Gaming Market Cap Runway: All of crypto gaming market cap peak is less than Dogecoin's peak. Even matching Dogecap would be 7-8x for gaming.
BEAM Leads AVAX Gaming: BEAM is a gaming DOW with strong marketing and narrative. It will be a centerpiece leading AVAX gaming.
Top AVAX Studios: Godzilla Games (Play Off The Grid) and Play Shrapnel studio hold attention. Playable games is smaller cap high risk, high reward pick.
Play Shrapnel Serious Legs: With great gameplay and tons of marketing, Play Shrapnel can run hard like Illuvium in 2020.
Unreleased Games Upside: Fableborn and Providence are unreleased but anticipate AVAX crypto games worth investigating early.
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