Master the Perfect ChatGPT Prompt Formula in 8 Minutes


The key to getting great outputs from ChatGPT is understanding the hierarchy and order of importance of the 6 prompt building blocks: task, context, exemplars, persona, format and tone. Always start with an action verb task statement, provide just enough background context to constrain possibilities, use relevant examples and frameworks when possible, specify the desired persona, visualize the exact output format, and clarify the tone.

Timestamped Highlights

❗️ The task component is mandatory in a prompt, while context and other elements are optional but improve quality.
πŸ’‘ For context, ask yourself: What's the user's background? What does success look like? What environment are they in?
πŸ“ Exemplars like examples and frameworks drastically boost the quality of ChatGPT outputs.
πŸ‘₯ The persona could be an expert or even a fictional character relevant to your task.
πŸ–₯️ Clearly visualize and specify the exact format you want the output in.
πŸ˜€ Specify tone through feelings and adjective/adverbs rather than trying to directly come up with them.
🎯 Putting all the components together results in remarkably high quality and usable outputs.

Key Insights

Why the Formula Works: It reminds you to include just enough relevant information to get a great result. Too little and the output is generic. Too much and you'll overwhelm ChatGPT.
Level Up Your Prompting: Go down the checklist of building blocks every time. Task and context are mandatory. The rest make it exponentially better.
Be Lazy with the Formula: No need to always include all components. Use only what's relevant. The formula works with just task and context too.
Avoid Overprompting: While exemplars and details help, too many specifics constraints creativity. Find the right balance.
Unleash Your Imagination: Personas allow you to tap into literally anyone's expertise. Fictional personas work too!
Format for Productivity: Specify your desired format, from emails to reports to code blocks. Massive time saver.
Nail the Tone: Adjectives and adverbs are hard to recall. Describe the feeling instead. The results speak for themselves.
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