I Spent 7 Terrifying Days Buried Alive Under 20,000 Pounds of Dirt 📦


Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, took on the scary challenge of being buried alive in a coffin under 20,000 pounds of dirt for 7 days. He had limited food, water, and amenities to survive the week trapped underground. It was extremely challenging both mentally and physically but he persevered to complete the buried alive challenge.

Timestamped Highlights

😨 Getting buried alive under 20 tons of dirt in a coffin for the scary 7 day challenge
💪 Severely underestimating how difficult surviving buried would be
😴 Attempting to sleep as much as possible for sanity
🍝 Eating crunchy MREs while friends above enjoy lavish steaks
🎥 Friends annoying Jimmy by sending cameras down to observe his suffering
🌧️ Concerns arise as heavy rains cause potential crushing hazard
🕳️ Friends secretly dig tunnel to directly access Jimmy's buried coffin
📈 Hitting insane 200 million subscriber milestone while buried alive

Key Insights

The First Drop of Dirt Was Terrifying: Jimmy severely underestimated how scary it would feel to have the first piles of dirt dropped on top of the coffin. The initial experience almost made him quit.
Bodily Functions Were Extremely Uncomfortable: Using a bottle as a makeshift toilet while buried in a box was not a pleasant experience. The inability to properly use the bathroom almost made Jimmy forfeit.
Mental Anguish Was Worse Than Expected: The isolation and inability to properly move for 7 days straight caused Jimmy's mentality to spiral downwards fast. This was the biggest surprise.
Hitting 200 Million Subscribers Was Worth It: Despite all the suffering, being able to celebrate 200 million with his friends for the first time made the buried ordeal seem slightly more worthwhile.
His Friends Provided Much Needed Laughs: Although his friends liked poking fun, they also cared for his wellbeing and surprised him with heartwarming moments.
The Coffin Held Up To The Pressure: Jimmy was amazed that the hand-built coffin supported 20,000 pounds of dirt for 7 straight days without fault.
Seeing Sunlight Was Emotional: After 210 hours underground, emerging to sunlight instantly overwhelmed Jimmy with tears of joy.
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