Beef - The #1 Best Anti-Inflammatory Food to Reduce Inflammation


Beef contains high levels of the amino acid glutamine which helps heal leaky gut, an underlying cause of inflammation. It supports the intestinal barrier layer, promotes tight junctions between cells, and fuels the cells and immune system. Other top anti-inflammatory foods are cabbage, bone broth, eggs, and fermented dairy from sheep/goats.

Timestamped Highlights

⚠️ Many joint issues like arthritis start from gut inflammation
❌ Avoid inflammatory foods like gluten, alcohol, junk foods, corn, soy, seed oils
🔥 Beef has the most glutamine which heals leaky gut and reduces inflammation
🥬 For vegans - red cabbage is the best plant source of glutamine

Key Insights

Leaky Gut Causes Inflammation: Holes in the gut lining allow undigested particles to cause immune reactions
Glutamine Heals Leaky Gut: It fuels and supports intestinal barrier cells and immunity
Inflammatory Foods Worsen Leaky Gut: Gluten, grains, seed oils, and more irritate the gut lining
Try The Carnivore Diet: Eating only meat like beef can reduce inflammation and bloating
Other Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Bone broth, eggs, fermented dairy from sheep/goats
Best Vegan Anti-Inflammatory: Red cabbage has lots of glutamine to heal leaky gut
Can you reduce your inflammation by changing your diet? Give glutamine-rich foods a try!
This blog is a summary of a YouTube video "The #1 Best Anti-inflammatory Food in the World (Surprising) - YouTube" by Dr. Eric Berg DC