How To Master Search Skills And Become A Search Ninja


This post covers everything you need to know about search skills - from choosing the right search channels for different needs, to search syntax and operators, to leveraging platforms like ChatGPT. It aims to help you find information faster, learn skills more efficiently, create better content, and accomplish tasks more easily. Become an expert searcher!

Timestamped Highlights

🤯 This long video will definitely help you. Good search skills allow you to learn faster and perform better.
😮‍💨 For searching domestic information, Google is actually better than Baidu. From an efficiency perspective for searching information: Google > Public Accounts > Short Videos > Baidu
✨ By combining search operators like "" and intitle:, you can greatly improve search efficiency.
📸 The imagesize: operator allows you to limit image search results to specific dimensions - super useful for finding high quality images!
💡 Google and YouTube are all you need to access the world's knowledge base. Even if your English isn't great, Google Translate makes everything accessible.
🔍 For Chinese sites, Google + WeChat Official Accounts cover most text-based knowledge needs. For video tutorials, short videos for snippets and bilibili/YouTube for systematic learning.
🤖 First consider online tools, then downloadable software, then plugins. Almost any computer task can be accomplished by finding the right tools.
🤯 ChatGPT flips traditional search upside down. You no longer need to search based on keywords. Just ask questions and get direct answers.

Key Insights

Search Operator Pro Tips: Learn techniques like "" to limit keywords, intitle: to match titles, and filetype:pdf to find reports. This will level up your searching.
Leverage Platforms: Sites like WangYiYun and Got It integrate search and learning. Canva combines search and content creation. Depend on them so you don't have to search yourself.
Embrace AI: With ChatGPT, you no longer search then learn. Just ask questions and it will directly give you answers. Take advantage of this new capability.
Adopt a Search Mindset: The purpose of search is to find what others have already done better, learn from it, improve on it. This equalizes the information advantage.
Combine Search Skills and AI: Search skills + AI assistants give you super search abilities. Master search first to best leverage AI.
Become a Search Ninja: With advanced techniques, platforms and AI, you can unlock almost limitless learning and creating abilities. This will give you a huge advantage.
Stand Out By Searching Better: In the information age, taking the time to search sets you apart. In the AI age, combining search skills with AI will be the new differentiator.
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