How a 24-Year-Old Dad Built a $3.2 Million Business from His Phone


The video features Tez, a 24-year old entrepreneur and dad from Cleveland, Ohio who built multiple six-figure brands and a $3.2 million business in just 3 years - all while operating his online store from his phone. Despite becoming a teen parent and overcoming difficult circumstances, Tez developed resilience and a success mindset that allowed him to find his entrepreneurial edge. Key lessons from his journey include taking personal accountability, having self-awareness about your strengths, and surrounding yourself with a strong support network.

Timestamped Highlights

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ Getting his girlfriend pregnant at 18 right after high school and struggling to provide for his new daughter as a teen parent working factory jobs
πŸ’‘ Realizing while selling cars that he enjoyed mastering sales funnels and human psychology, which became the foundation for his entrepreneurial success
😞 Hitting rock bottom and living with his daughter on his ex-girlfriend's mom's floor, but using this pain to take accountability for his life
πŸš€ Going viral on social media for the first time with a 60-second video advertising his do-rag business, which enabled him to quit his job
πŸ‘₯ Understanding the importance of intentionally curating your circle and surrounding yourself with people who push you forward

Key Insights

Take complete ownership over your life and realize that if you don't like something, you have the power to change it
Identify your unique strengths and abilities that come naturally, then build a business around providing value to others in that niche
Treat close friends like family you can depend on and cut out anyone encouraging you to stagnate or regress
Developing self-awareness and a deeper purpose enables you to stay grounded, focused, and resilient in chasing your biggest goals
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