How ChatGPT Becomes the "Cheat Code" for Stronger People


The video analyzes how ChatGPT can enhance 5 core competencies - learning ability, question asking, critical thinking, structured thinking and innovation based on theories like SECI model, Socratic questioning, etc. It introduces knowledge search channels better than Google and tactics to ask ChatGPT questions efficiently. Overall, ChatGPT is a great tool to help ordinary people quickly acquire knowledge and internalize it to improve core capabilities.

Timestamped Highlights

💡 Explains explicit and implicit knowledge and how they convert based on SECI model. Introduces 9 knowledge search channels including Google Scholar and Sci-Hub.
📈 Shows how ChatGPT can search PDFs and videos, proving its powerful search ability surpassing Google.
💪 Analyzes how ChatGPT can provide help in socialization, combination, internalization and externalization stages in SECI model to enhance learning ability.
🧠 Suggests having self-learning ability, critical thinking, question asking skill, patience and good at analysis and summarization are key to maximize the value of ChatGPT.
🤔 Introduces how to ask higher level questions based on Bloom's taxonomy to improve question asking skill.
💡 Provides sample critical questioning sentences based on different elements of an argument.
📐 Gives examples of critical questions based on Socratic questioning method.
📊 Recommends asking ChatGPT to suggest analysis models based on thinking structures like process, factor and matrix method.
🔎 Mentions focus should be more on sustained innovation and provides sample questions.
💡 Role plays different stakeholders to brainstorm new ideas, showing the power of ChatGPT.

Key Insights

How ChatGPT Helps Improve Learning Ability Based on SECI Model ChatGPT can provide significant help in 3 out of 4 stages in SECI model - combination, internalization and externalization to improve learning ability. It excels at knowledge combination, answering cross-disciplinary personalized questions.
Techniques to Ask ChatGPT Questions More Efficiently Be as detailed as possible, combine related questions, don't exceed 4 questions per ask. Critical and structured thinking can both enhance question asking skill.
How ChatGPT Helps Strengthen Critical Thinking Critical thinking is to think about the thinking behind views. ChatGPT can identify argument elements, provide sample critical questioning sentences and teach you to avoid common logical fallacies.
Learn Structured Thinking from ChatGPT Grasp MECE's 5 classification methods and learn to apply various analysis models. Let ChatGPT suggest models or analyze issues based on specific structures.
ChatGPT's Power on Inspiring Innovation ChatGPT excels in 3 out of 5 innovator's tools - question, association and conversation. It can also help divergent thinking under specific analytical structures.
This blog is a summary of a YouTube video "ChatGPT 是少数强者的【外挂】|ChatGPT使用教程 - YouTube" by 檀东东·Tango