7 Ways to Achieve More in Life and Reach Your Full Potential


This video summarizes 7 helpful and practical insights from the book "Someday is Today" by Matthew Dicks on how to achieve more in life. Key takeaways include making use of small pockets of time through the "parking lot practice", thinking in minutes rather than hours, jumping between tasks like "lily pads", setting vague "horizon goals", being adaptable in your plans, asking what your 100-year-old self would advise, and ensuring your productivity aligns with purposeful goals.

Timestamped Highlights

😮 How near-death experiences made Matthew Dicks reconsider how he was spending his time and what he wanted to achieve
💡 Why true productivity does not require perfect conditions or environments - do creative work whenever and wherever you can
😅 Matthew writes sentences in the 7 minutes someone was late to meeting him rather than just waiting
📝 How I grew my YouTube channel by using small pockets of time between patients at work to make video ideas/notes
🐸 The "lily pad" method - jump between different tasks/goals depending on your mood and energy levels
🎹 Setting vague "horizon goals" allows flexibility and resilience versus rigid 5-year plans that will inevitably go wrong
🎥 Helping someone maximize their work time in order to achieve their dream of watching the 50 greatest movies

Key Insights

The "parking lot practice" - be prepared to get work done in imperfect environments and pockets of time rather than waiting for the perfect setting
Adopt a "minutes mindset" for productivity rather than thinking in hourly blocks - make the most of every minute
Use the "lily pad method" - jump between different tasks and goals depending on your mood and motivation
Set "horizon goals" instead of rigid specific goals - this allows for flexibility when inevitable setbacks happen
Expect your elaborate 5-year plan to go wrong aka "the piano precedent" - be adaptable and focus more on your direction
Ask yourself what your 100-year old self would advise you to do - this provides helpful long-term perspective
Define "soft goals" that provide a sense of meaning or purpose even if they don't seem conventionally productive
This blog is a summary of a YouTube video "7 Actionable Ways to Achieve More in Life - YouTube" by Ali Abdaal