The Surprisingly Effective Procrastination Cure You Don't Want to Hear


The most common issue for procrastinators is not knowing what to do, but lacking motivation to take action. The feeling of resistance towards beneficial (but boring) tasks is unfortunately natural. However, we can outsmart our brains by restricting our environments and options to make difficult tasks seem more entertaining. Studies show people will do almost anything to avoid boredom, so use that to your advantage.

Timestamped Highlights

😨 Feeling resistance to do good things for yourself seems unfair. We wish we were motivated to be creative or do difficult tasks.
πŸ’‘ Most productivity tips don't work long-term. Boredom is the nuclear strategy that forces you to take action.
😴 Your brain sees things relatively. Make beneficial tasks seem more fun by eliminating other options.
πŸ“š Studies show most people will do almost anything to avoid boredom, even self-harm.
⚑️ Structure your life so you have no choice but to do the important (boring) stuff. It works immediately.
πŸ‘ I was highly productive living in a boring basement with nothing but work to do. It forced creativity.
πŸ”’ Eliminate backdoors and distractions like phones or games. You'll focus on what matters.

Key Insights

The Problem and Solution is Boredom: Doing important work feels impossibly hard because our monkey brains see it as extremely boring relative to distractions. The solution is to make beneficial tasks less relatively boring by deleting our ability to be distracted in the first place. Force yourself to focus by turning distractions into non-options instead of relying on motivation alone.
Your Environment Controls Your Reality: Our perception of the world is based on contrasts and comparisons. Make your responsibility seem more appealing not by making it seem more fun, but by making the space around you less stimulating. Sit in an empty room with nothing but the work you must get done.
Boredom Forces Action: People perceive boredom as a form of suffering. Your monkey brain will do whatever it takes to relieve boredom, even self-administering electric shocks! Use this to your advantage and let boredom make you productive.
Progress Compounds Progress: As you build momentum chipping away at your responsibilities, each task will become relatively more appealing than before since now you can compare it to a sense of progress. Use this upward spiral to keep knocking out your to-do's.
Minimalism Facilitates Mindset Shifts: When I eliminated distractions by moving into a boring basement apartment, it forced me to see creativity and work as entertaining. Lack of money motivated me to make money. Loneliness motivated social plans. Minimalism can inspire action.
Strengthen Your Stamina: Having energy and focus all day accelerates progress on tough tasks. Refuel mentally and physically with supplements like Athletic Greens that provide daily nutrition in an easy, tasty form, so you can sustain focus.
Completion Compounds Motivation: Finishing responsibilities not only boosts confidence and energy to tackle the next thing, it makes procrastination relatively less appealing since now you're comparing boredom to a sense of progress. Let the upward spiral pull you into being productive.
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