How to Absorb Books 3x Faster in 7 Days Using the Triforce Method


This blog post covers 3 science-backed techniques called the "Triforce method" that can help anyone triple their reading and comprehension speed within just 7 days. The key strategies include: removing inner monologue to increase baseline reading rate, using a visual tracker for smooth eye movements, strategically speeding up and slowing down depending on content, and summarizing after each page to boost retention.

Timestamped Highlights

⚡️ Websites like Spreeder can help remove inner voice to see words instead of hearing them, improving reading speed by 50%+
🧠 Knowing when to speed read versus slow down for comprehension is key - use 80/20 rule to skim examples and slow for key advice
📝 Summarizing after each page boosts engagement and retention as brain consolidates information

Key Insights

Eliminating Inner Voice is Game-Changing: Dissociating reading from inner monologue through Spreeder massively increases baseline reading rate by over 50% for most
Visual Tracker Beats Jittery Eyes: Using a pointer smooths eye movements, preventing doubling back and wasted time
Comprehension Trumps Speed: The 80/20 rules helps spot “golden nuggets” of advice to slow down for - absorption over speed
Summarizing Solidifies Facts: Brief 1-2 line summaries after each page boost engagement, comprehension and retention
Take Action to Learn: Consolidating by applying advice in real life is key to actualizing knowledge and sparking behavior change
7 Days to Faster Reading: Dedicate just a week to remove inner voice, use a visual tracker, strategically speed read, summarize and take action to triple reading speed and comprehension.
This blog is a summary of a YouTube video "How to Absorb Books 3x Faster in 7 Days (from a Med Student) - YouTube" by Salim Ahmed