7 Steps to Unfu*k Your Life and Achieve Massive Success


Iman Gadzhi shares 7 highly actionable steps you can implement right now to get your life back on track. From gaining control over bad habits to curating your social media feeds, making simple tweaks like cleaning your desk and getting sunlight can set you up for big wins. Respect momentum when things start going right and make sure your friends don't hold you back.

Timestamped Highlights

rocket Never disrespect momentum when things start going well or you risk losing all your progress. Embrace wins to unlock further blessings.
scissors Cut out bad habit friends that bond solely over gossip, partying, gaming, etc. They perpetuate negative momentum.
sun Daily sunlight early in the day improves mood, health and helps things grow. Get outside, even for 10 mins.
broom Clean your desk as an easy win to feel better about working. Clutter leads to cluttered thinking.
no entry No music before 1pm. Morning hours fragile for mind implantation of ideas from songs.
ghost Unfollow instabaddies that don't know you. Comparing lives fuels feeling bad.
apple Try fasting to reset insulin sensitivity, get spiritual and let body heal through repair.

Key Insights

Momentum Matters Most: When you're on a roll, don't get complacent as momentum compounds. Stay consistent with what got you ahead.
Prune Poisonous People: Friends rooted only in enabling bad habits backslide your growth. Cut cords respectfully.
Sunshine Uplifts, Makes Things Flourish: Daily sunlight, even brief, boosts energy, moods. Don't neglect this free fuel.
Decluttered Desk Concentrates Focus: Physical order clears mental clutter. A clean workspace supports clear thinking.
no entry
Guard Mental Space Before Afternoon: Morning absorption of ideas is impressionable. Protect headspace - delay external music/opinions.
Block Fantasy Comparisons: Following 'perfect' strangers sinks self-worth. Compare yourself only to your past self.
Give Digestion a Rest Through Fasting: Beyond health gains, fasting lends mental clarity to pursue meaningful over superficial.
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