7 Ways to Speak So That People Want to Listen


Julian Treasure, sound and communication expert, highlights bad speaking habits we should avoid and positive vocal techniques we can use to make our voice more powerful. Key tips include speaking with honesty, authenticity, integrity and love, using vocal variety, doing vocal warmups, and being conscious of how we create and consume sound.

Timestamped Highlights

🗣️ The human voice is extremely powerful and can profoundly impact listeners emotionally. But many people feel others don't listen when they speak.
🙉 Treasure shares 7 common bad speaking habits: gossiping, judging, negativity, complaining, making excuses, exaggerating, and dogmatism.
😇 He suggests 4 positive foundations for powerful speech: honesty, authenticity, integrity and love (HAIL method).
🧰 Vocal variety tools like register, timbre, prosody, pace, pitch and volume can make speech more dynamic.
🎤 Doing vocal warmups is key before important speeches. Treasure leads the audience through 6 exercises.
🌎 Consciously creating and consuming sound could make the world better with improved understanding.

Key Insights

Avoid gossiping, judging and negativity that pushes listeners away
Speak with honesty, authenticity and love to connect with listeners
Use vocal variety techniques like pace, pitch and volume for emphasis
Warm up your voice properly before important speeches
Listen consciously and purposefully when others speak
Promote environments and behaviors that facilitate understanding
A world with conscious sound could be more harmonious and empathetic.
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