Hyundai's Crab Walk: The Future of Mobility


Hyundai Mobis has unveiled a revolutionary e-Corner system that allows vehicles to move laterally, a feature referred to as 'crab walk', at CES 2023. This system integrates steering, braking, and suspension functions, which not only simplifies vehicle design but also paves the way for a new era in mobility. The e-Corner system, equipped with compact motors in each wheel, affords cars the ability to perform parallel parking and diagonal movements with ease, marking a significant stride in automotive technology.

Timestamped Highlights

🚗 Hyundai Mobis introduces the e-Corner system at CES 2023. This system marks a significant advancement in automotive technology, allowing vehicles to execute a 'crab walk' by moving sideways.
🔧 The e-Corner system integrates driving, braking, and suspension into a singular, sophisticated control technology. This integration is expected to streamline vehicle design and functionality.
💡 Hyundai’s innovation includes the integration of compact motors inside each wheel, granting independent power to each and supporting intricate maneuvers like diagonal driving and spot rotations.
🛣️ The vehicle is equipped with autonomous driving sensors and advanced lamp technology, enhancing its functionality and safety during various maneuvers including the crab walk.
🔍 Hyundai Mobis also showcased exterior lighting innovations and a ground survey function, which projects the vehicle's direction onto the ground, aiding in navigation and safety.

Key Insights

Hyundai Mobis's e-Corner system is a testament to the global automotive industry's shift towards electric and autonomous vehicles. The technology's unveiling at CES, a major consumer electronics showcase, emphasizes the cross-industry convergence where mobility solutions are as much about software and innovation as traditional manufacturing.
The advent of compact motors within wheels is a game-changer for electric vehicles. This approach not only contributes to the 'crab walk' feature but also signifies a move towards modular and flexible vehicle platforms where customization and adaptability become easier.
Integrating various functionalities like steering, braking, and suspension into a unified system could herald a new age of 'smart' vehicles. Such integration can lead to better vehicle control, reduced manufacturing complexity, and potentially lower costs due to fewer parts.
Hyundai Mobis's strategy to showcase core technologies in a practical, demonstrable form indicates a market-ready approach. Being able to take orders immediately from global customers suggests confidence in the e-Corner system's commercial viability.
The e-Corner system's high degree of control technology integration is indicative of the technological maturity required for advanced mobility solutions. Such sophistication in control systems is essential for the future of autonomous driving.
The exterior lighting innovations and ground survey functions are indicative of a broader trend in the automotive industry towards enhancing the interface between the vehicle, its environment, and its users. This trend is central to improving the overall safety and user experience.
Autonomous driving sensors and lamp technology are not just functional components but also part of an ecosystem that will enable vehicles to communicate with their surroundings. This integration is crucial for the development of smart cities and intelligent transportation systems.


What is Hyundai's e-Corner system?

Hyundai's e-Corner system is an automotive technology that allows vehicles to perform lateral movements, known as 'crab walk', and integrates driving, braking, and suspension functions.

How does Hyundai's crab walk feature work?

The crab walk is made possible by the e-Corner system, which uses compact motors placed inside each wheel, allowing for independent power and enhanced maneuverability.

Where was Hyundai's e-Corner system unveiled?

The e-Corner system was unveiled at the CES 2023, showcasing Hyundai Mobis's commitment to automotive innovation and mobility solutions.

What are the benefits of the e-Corner system in vehicle design?

The e-Corner system reduces the need for physical connections between mechanical parts, simplifying vehicle design and creating space for more purpose-driven mobility solutions.

What additional features does the e-Corner system include?

Beyond the crab walk, the e-Corner system includes autonomous driving sensors, advanced lamp technology, and a ground survey function to enhance navigation and safety.
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