How to Get AI Summaries for YouTube Videos for Free


This blog post introduces a free Chrome extension that can automatically generate summaries and highlights for any YouTube video using AI. It connects to ChatGPT to produce customizable video summaries without any usage limits.

Timestamped Highlights

📽️ The AI tool extracts complete transcripts and summaries from YouTube videos, splitting them into 3-second segments showing what is said at each timepoint.
🤖 You need a ChatGPT account to connect the summarizer extension to, which can now be created with Vietnamese phone numbers and emails.
🔑 To avoid the error of missing API key, click 'View API keys' in ChatGPT platform to copy your personal key and paste into the extension's settings.
💡 Instead of adding the API key, simply click 'View just Summary' to jump straight to ChatGPT and generate the summary there without errors.
🌐 It's best to summarize English videos first then translate the Vietnamese summary, rather than requesting Vietnamese summaries directly which are lower quality.
📝 You can fully customize the prompt's template that automatically generates the summaries by adding your own examples.
🛠️ In the next video, I will show how to turn these AI video summaries into complete blog posts you can publish.

Key Insights

The summarizer extension is completely free with unlimited usage, unlike other limited AI tools.
Getting an API key avoids errors, but clicking the ChatGPT summary link works too.
Customizing the English prompt template produces the best Vietnamese translations later.
The tool extracts a full transcript, then detects the most important highlights and key points.
Connecting this extension to ChatGPT enables it to understand videos in any language like English, Chinese etc.
You can easily re-purpose the video summaries into blog posts, social media updates, and other formats.
This free unlimited tool saves huge time summarizing videos without needing to watch them fully.
This blog is a summary of a YouTube video "Tóm tắt video Youtube bất kỳ miễn phí không giới hạn bằng AI - YouTube" by Phan Đông Giang