How To Create Your Own GPT AI Assistant Focused on the Latest AI Trends


With ChatGPT Plus, you can now build custom GPTs that serve very specific functions. These are like mini ChatGPTs that you can train with your own data and instructions. This guide shows how to create your own GPT from scratch, train it to be an AI expert on topics like AI apps, AI training, and AI trends, and make it more useful than regular ChatGPT.

Timestamped Highlights

🤖 Explains that with GPTs you can create mini ChatGPTs for specific functions and train them with custom data
💻 Shows the ChatGPT Plus interface for building GPTs and accessing premade ones
📝 Starts creating a custom GPT from scratch by telling it what kind of assistant to make
🤔 Configures the GPT to have a formal and friendly tone and avoid medical/legal advice
📑 Uploads own documents to give the GPT custom information on AI trends

Key Insights

Configure Tab lets you customize name, logo, instructions, capabilities like web browsing
Upload your own data like PDFs and scripts to make it more useful than regular ChatGPT
Can integrate with Zapier for GPTs to take actions like sending emails (future automation)
GPT Store coming soon to make them public and share revenue based on usage
Can add your domain to profile to drive traffic to your site from public GPTs
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