Mastering the GPTs Marketplace: Earning with AI


AI Elder's channel introduces the launch of the GPTs application marketplace by OpenAI, explaining how developers can now monetize their GPTs creations similar to an app store. The video provides a detailed guide on what GPTs are, how to create and upload them, and how developers can generate income from their GPTs. It also covers utilizing GPTs actions and writing OpenAI schemas.

Timestamped Highlights

🚀 The video kicks off with a major announcement from OpenAI about the launch of the GPTs Marketplace, a platform where developers can upload and monetize their GPTs, similar to Apple's App Store.
💡 AI Elder gives a primer on GPTs, explaining their functionality and the requirement of a ChatGPT Plus membership to access and utilize GPTs effectively.
🔧 Viewers are given a walkthrough of the GPTs Store interface, exploring its layout and how to search for, and manage GPTs within the marketplace.
💼 Details are provided on the updated ChatGPT team plan, offering higher usage volumes and data security features for team version subscribers.
📝 The process of creating a GPT is demonstrated, highlighting the technical nuances, from naming and descriptions to testing and publishing.
🔒 A crucial part of the GPTs creation is the Actions feature, which allows GPTs to interact with external platforms and data through APIs.
💸 The video concludes with ways to monetize GPTs, including uploading to the GPTs Store and customizing GPTs for clients, alongside tips for advertising within GPTs.

Key Insights

The GPTs Marketplace signifies a new era for developers in the AI space, offering a dedicated platform for monetization.
Access to the GPTs Marketplace is gated by a ChatGPT Plus membership, indicating a premium model for advanced features.
The GPTs Store interface is user-friendly, allowing for easy search and management of GPTs, thus encouraging user engagement.
The updated team plan and the focus on data security cater to corporate clients, showing OpenAI's commitment to serving diverse user groups.
The video's demonstration on creating GPTs is highly technical, making it an invaluable resource for developers looking to enter the marketplace.
The Actions feature expands GPTs' capabilities, allowing for real-time data interaction and positioning GPTs as more than just chatbots.
Monetization strategies discussed in the video not only provide income streams but also open up opportunities for branding and marketing within the GPTs ecosystem.


What is the OpenAI GPTs Marketplace?

It's a platform similar to an app store where developers can upload and monetize their GPTs creations.

How can developers earn from GPTs?

Developers can earn by uploading their GPTs to the marketplace, customizing GPTs for clients, and through in-GPT advertising.

What are the requirements to use GPTs?

A ChatGPT Plus membership is required to access and utilize the full capabilities of GPTs.

What is the ChatGPT team plan?

The team plan offers higher usage volumes, a larger context window, and enhanced data security for subscribers.

What are GPTs Actions?

Actions are a feature that allows GPTs to interact with external platforms and data, enhancing their functionality and applicability.
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