OpenAI Unveils GPT-4 Turbo With 300 Page Inputs At First Developer Conference Post ChatGPT Release


At its inaugural developer conference, OpenAI announced GPT-4 Turbo, an upgraded version of GPT-4 that can take 300 page long text inputs, 4x more than the previous model. It also lowered pricing for APIs by 2-3x to spur more app development. OpenAI plans to launch a GPT app store for developers to monetize AI apps.

Timestamped Highlights

🀯 Over 92% Fortune 500 firms use API-based services relying on 2M+ developers, highlighting immense appetite for AI apps.
πŸš€ GPT-4 Turbo takes 128,000 token context window input, 4x more than Claude-2 by Anthropic with 100k tokens. Equivalent to 300 pages of text inputs.
πŸ’° With 3x cheaper input and 2x cheaper output costs, GPT-4 Turbo pricing lowered significantly over GPT-4 to spur more usage.
βš™οΈ GPT-4 Turbo offered in text-only and text+image versions for flexible usage. Jason-mode responses enabled for easier API integration.
πŸ“± OpenAI announced GPT Store launch by November end, an app store for community shared GPT apps to enable monetization.
🀝 Showcased a startup mentor feature using GPT-4 Turbo for targeted domain knowledge to aid early stage founders.

Key Insights

OpenAI asserts lead in AI assistant race with more input capacity and lower pricing for GPT-4 Turbo over Claude-2
Assistant API unveiled with GPT integrations for analytics, coding aid etc to make app development exponentially easier
GPT Store launch positions OpenAI as a scalable platform for community app development and monetization
Copyright issues persist but initiatives taken to protect developers and offset lawsuit costs
Immediate goal is boosting API usage but long term focus on enabling an ecosystem of assistive GPT apps
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