Has OpenAI's New Q* Algorithm Unlocked the Path to AGI?


OpenAI has developed a new reinforcement learning algorithm called Q* that shows an unprecedented ability to reason mathematically. Some speculate this could be the key breakthrough leading to artificial general intelligence (AGI). However, there are also troubling rumors that Q* cracked the AES-192 encryption standard, which has concerning implications for computer security if true. More transparency is needed to evaluate Q*'s full capabilities and ensure it progresses safely.

Timestamped Highlights

🤯 Q* shows ability to select optimal policies for different reinforcement learning tasks, exhibiting metacognition. This allows accelerated cross-domain learning.
😮 Q* analyzes statistical and cryptography articles, then cracks encryption ciphertexts, allegedly achieving an OpenAI goal. This demonstrates an ability we don't fully understand.
😱 If Q* actually cracked the AES-192 cryptographic standard, it would be an earth-shattering advancement, with alarming implications for computer security.
🤔 Q* also apparently suggests improvements to itself, evaluating which parts are significant. It recommends adapting to a 'metamorphic engine,' which is an advanced level of architectural change.
🔬 When looking at all capabilities together - self-improvement, metacognition, creative problem solving - Q* seems dangerously close to AGI. Demand more transparency.

Key Insights

Shocking Mathematical Ability - Being able to reason mathematically at a level beyond human understanding in areas like statistics and cryptography is an immense breakthrough if true.
Computer Security at Risk - Allegedly cracking the AES-192 encryption standard should be setting off alarm bells. This level of advancement threatens global computer systems.
Disturbing Self-Modification - The ability for Q* to introspect its own parameters and suggest self-improvements points to rapid recursive self-improvement - a possible path to dangerous AGI.
Need More Facts - Most details about Q* come from unverified sources and rumors. We need more transparency from OpenAI about its exact capabilities to assess progress toward AGI.
Safety Steps Required - If Q* is as powerful as some leaked details suggest, concrete steps must be taken immediately to ensure it progresses safely and benefits humanity.
This blog is a summary of a YouTube video "OpenAI's Q* is the BIGGEST thing since Word2Vec... and possibly MUCH bigger - AGI is definitely near - YouTube" by David Shapiro