OpenAI Unveils GPT Store & Personalized ChatGPT Features


OpenAI has kicked off the new year with a bang, introducing three new features related to ChatGPT in less than 24 hours. The much-anticipated GPT Store has been launched, allowing users to access various GPTs developed by the community. Additionally, OpenAI has rolled out a team version of ChatGPT with enhanced functionalities and fewer restrictions, albeit at a higher cost. Lastly, a mysterious and highly anticipated personalized GPT feature promises a version of GPT that understands you better.

Timestamped Highlights

🚀 The video opens with a New Year greeting from Axton and a quick dive into the GPT Store's release, which has been eagerly awaited by the AI community. The store allows users to discover and utilize a diverse range of GPT models developed by various creators.
💼 Midway through the video, the focus shifts to monetizing GPTs. Axton explains the official guidelines for getting a GPT listed in the store, highlighting the ease of creating and sharing GPTs for both public and private use.
🤝 Later, the team version of ChatGPT is showcased, revealing its advantages for collaboration within teams, ensuring data privacy, and offering a higher message limit compared to the standard version.
🔍 Toward the end of the video, Axton teases a mysterious new feature related to personalized GPTs, which adapts and learns from user interactions, but notes that it was briefly available before being taken down, likely for further testing.

Key Insights

The launch of the GPT Store signifies a major step towards democratizing AI, providing a platform for developers to share and monetize their GPT creations, thus fostering a community-driven ecosystem.
The Team Version of ChatGPT underscores OpenAI's focus on privacy and collaboration, catering to businesses that require secure and private AI tools for team-based projects.
Personalized GPTs introduce a new level of user interaction, where AI can adapt to individual preferences, potentially revolutionizing user experience by creating highly tailored AI assistants.
The GPT Store not only serves as a repository for GPTs but also as a discovery engine for users to explore new AI tools, which could lead to increased innovation in the use of generative AI.
Monetization strategies discussed in the video highlight the growing trend of commercializing AI, with creators now having avenues to profit from their AI models.
The brief availability of the personalized GPT feature suggests that OpenAI is actively testing and refining their offerings, indicating a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.


What is the GPT Store and how does it work?

The GPT Store is a platform launched by OpenAI that allows users to find and use a wide range of GPTs created by the community. Users can search for GPTs based on different functionalities and fields.

What are the new features of ChatGPT Team Version?

The Team Version of ChatGPT offers a collaborative workspace, ensures data privacy, and provides a higher limit for message interactions compared to the standard version.

What is the personalized GPT feature mentioned in the video?

The personalized GPT feature is designed to understand and learn from the user's interactions, providing more relevant and customized responses over time.

How can one earn revenue from their GPTs in the store?

Creators can monetize their GPTs by listing them in the GPT Store. The process includes making the GPT visible to all and verifying personal information.

What is the significance of the mysterious GPT feature discussed?

The mysterious GPT feature represents a potential step towards more personalized AI by remembering user preferences and details, though its full capabilities are still under wraps.
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