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Welcome to Web Summarizer by NoteGPT, a cutting-edge online service that leverages AI to provide concise and insightful summaries of web content. Input your desired webpage link, and watch as our AI, powered by NoteGPT, extracts key information, delivering a summary that's both accurate and efficient.

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Key Features

Intelligent Extraction of Key Information

Our AI, driven by NoteGPT, recognizes and extracts essential information from articles, news, or pages, ensuring accurate and concise summaries.

Multilingual Support of Languages

Regardless of the language your page is written in, our AI can process it and provide summaries in multiple languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our AI summarization service is free.

Our AI, powered by NoteGPT, utilizes advanced natural language processing and extensive training to provide as accurate summaries as possible. However, please note that AI summaries may not be as perfect as human editing, and we are continuously working on improvements.

Our AI, driven by NoteGPT, is designed to handle various types of web pages, including articles, news, blogs, etc. Ensure the entered link is publicly accessible for proper information extraction. posts, and more.

You can use the provided share button on the page to share the generated summary link on social media or send it via email.

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