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NoteGPT offers useful features for clever 
learning - to reduce half of your learning time. 
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AI Note Taking Tool  for Clever Learning - NoteGPT




Clever Learning Note Taking Tool

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT and Take Notes

Don't waste time on long videos. Using AI summarize feature to save time and learn faster. Perfect for busy professionals and active learners.

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YouTube Summary with ChatGPT - NoteGPT

Take Screenshots & Notes While Watching Videos

Enhance your video learning experience to the next level by capturing key information with screenshots and notes from video.

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Take Screenshots & Notes While Watching Videos - NoteGPT

Organize Your Study Notes in NoteGPT

Easily find the content you’re looking for by tag the note. You can add multiple tags for a single note as you need. You can also search the keyword for your notes or summaries.

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Organize Your Study Notes in NoteGPT

Share Your Notes with Your Friends

Easily share your notes with others by generating a link that includes all your timestamped screenshots, notes, and the transcript.

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Share Your Notes with Your Friends - NoteGPT

Discover AI Note-Taking Tools: You're in the Right Place!

How Does NoteGPT Work

Start your clever learning with simple 3 operations

Alternative Text
  1. 1
    Install our YouTube summary & note extension

    You can find our extensions in Chrome Extension.

  2. 2
    Get AI summary while watching videos

    You can get summary for the video by just a 
    single click. Edit the summary or take notes 
    to improve your understanding of the video.

  3. 3
    Organize, tag or share your note

    Easily organize and add tags for your notes 
    with NoteGPT. Collaborate with colleagues 
    or classmates by sharing notes, boosting 
    teamwork and productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

Yout can use our Chrome and Edge extension to take notes from Youtube video. We will support more video platforms in the near future.
Chrome Extension........Edge Extension
NoteGPT video notes extension is completely free to download and use!
We have prepared videos and detailed graphic tutorials for you.
Chrome Extension..........Edge Extension
You can use our extension to get the summary for the video just by one click.
We are working on a smart learning academy which offers high quality studynotes from selected users.