What to do to get your first sale on Etsy

Etsy is a platform teeming with potential buyers who have an appetite for creativity and uniqueness. With high traffic, profitable margins, low operational cost and ease of operation. Let's delve deeper into the magnetic charms of Etsy that make it stand out in the e-commerce sphere.
February 21, 2024

Best Practices for NoteGPT: AI Tool to Summarize YouTube Video

Explore the best practices for NoteGPT, an AI YouTube video summarizer. Learn how to enhance your learning journey by leveraging NoteGPT's robust features, such as intelligent transcripts, AI-generated summaries, and interactive chats. Unleash the full potential of NoteGPT to transform your educational experience.
February 09, 2024

Top 3 Tabs Outliner alternative for Chrome & Edge

If you find yourself struggling with tab overload, a tab manager can be a lifesaver. A reliable Tabs Outliner can help you organize your tabs, save important ones, and boost your productivity. In this article, we'll delve into the popular tab manager Tabs Outliner and explore its functionality. Additionally, we'll introduce three powerful alternatives for Chrome and Edge users.
February 07, 2024

How to Convert YouTube Video to Text with Online Summarizer Tool

Learn how to easily transcribe and summarize YouTube videos into text using the free YouTube Video Summarizer tool. Benefits include better readability, citations, searchability.
February 06, 2024

How to ChatGPT Access The Internet for Web Summary

This article explores how ChatGPT access the internet itself, can recommend the Web Summarizer with AI tool to automatically generate summaries, key points, and highlights for webpages.
February 06, 2024

Article Summarizer - Use ChatGPT to Summarize an Article

Here's the free Article Summarizer: Learn how to use ChatGPT to summarize an article, book, or research paper effortlessly with this powerful AI online summarization tool.
February 05, 2024

YouTube Automation - Learning with AI-Powered Tools

YouTube Automation is the leading AI-powered Chrome extension for effective video learning. It helps you get the transcript of YouTube, automatically generating summary with chatgpt, and taking notes. Transform the way you use YouTube with this intelligent extension. Take your video learning to the next level today.
February 05, 2024

How to Summarize YouTube Videos - A Comprehensive Guide

This article introduces a tutorial on how to use the Chrome extension for summarizing YouTube videos. The extension, NoteGPT, allows users to utilize ChatGPT OpenAI for video summarization, take screenshots, and make timestamped notes, enhancing content comprehension and learning efficiency.
February 05, 2024

Best Session Buddy alternative for Chrome & Edge: NoteGPT Tab

In the digital era, our work and study activities increasingly rely on browsers. Managing a multitude of tabs and sessions has become key to boosting efficiency. Session Buddy, a popular Chrome extension, provides a comprehensive tool for tab and session management, assisting users in more organized web browsing.
February 02, 2024

How to Get YouTube Video Transcript: A Guide for 2024

Getting an accurate transcript for a YouTube video can be useful for a variety of reasons in 2024. This guide covers multiple methods to extract YouTube transcripts from built-in options to AI tools and professional services.
February 02, 2024
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