AI Text Summarizer

Use AI to Summarize Long Text for Saving Time and Reading Faster.

How to Use Text Summarizer

Input Text

Paste or type the long text you want to summarize in the text box.

One-Click Summarize

Click the "Generate Summary" button to quickly get the text summary.

Preview and Use

Preview the generated text summary and copy it for use in your documents, reports, etc.

Key Features

  • Supports intelligent summarization for texts in any language.
  • Uses advanced AI algorithms to accurately capture key information.
  • Advanced prompts allow you to generate: Summary, Key points, Highlights, Related questions and answers, and Keywords.
  • One-click to generate, simple and efficient.

User Feedback

This text summarizer online tool tremendously increased my work efficiency. I often need to read long documents and now I can just generate a summary first with this tool to decide if I want to read the full text.

John Smith
Marketing Manager

I really love the one-click text summarization function. Copying the summary is so convenient when I need to write the references section for my reports.

Emma Wilson
Research Analyst

I use this text summarizer to help me parse long research papers in my field much faster. It’s been a total game changer for my literature reviews - I can now get through 3 times as many papers in the same amount of time.

Michael Lee
University Professor

Frequently Asked Questions

Our intelligent summarization works for all kinds of documents including articles, reports, research papers, books, legal contracts, financial statements, and more in any language. If you have lots of text, we can condense the key points down.

Yes, our advanced natural language processing algorithm is trained to extract the most important information and main ideas from documents while preserving contextual accuracy. The summary aims to be a faithful high-level representation of your original content.

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