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Use AI to generate music from text with one click. This AI music generator is a free online tool that allows you to customize lyrics and styles.

Would you like to Create Music or Song using AI?

Create your own music with AI Music Generator in just a few seconds. You can save the music to NoteGPT to organize your AI music library, publish it to your own social media such as TikTok and Instagram, or use it as ad music to winning your workflow. It's completely free.

AI Music Generator - NoteGPT

How to use AI Music Generator?

Two options to meet your different music creation experiences with AI Music Generator:

Option 1: AI Generates Music with One Click

Simply input a description of the music, click the 'create' button, and within a few seconds, your music will be generated based on the text. You can listen online or download as mp3 or mp4 it locally.

Option 2: Customize Your Own Music with AI

Step 1: Enter a description of the music

Step 1: Enter a description of the music

Begin by entering a description of the music you want to generate, accepting input in any language type.

Step 2: Click the Generator to produce music

Step 2: Click the Generator to produce music

Click the Generator to create songs, which can generate two songs at once that match your description.

Step 3: View the generated music

Step 3: View the generated music

You can click on the generated music to view the lyrics, or click the download button on the song to download it.

User reviews of AI Music Generator

"This AI Music Generator by NoteGPT is a game-changer! As a music producer, I've been blown away by the quality and versatility of the compositions it generates. It's like having a virtual collaborator who understands my vision instantly."

Sophia Johnson
Music Producer

"I've been using AI Music Generator to create unique soundtracks for my TikTok and Instagram content, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer! The ability to customize lyrics and styles gives my videos that extra edge, making them stand out in the crowded social media landscape."

David Lee
Social Media Influencer

"AI Music Generator has been a lifesaver for my ad campaigns. With just a few clicks, I can create catchy, on-brand music that enhances my messaging and resonates with my target audience. It's a powerful tool that has significantly boosted the effectiveness of my campaigns."

Emily Roberts

"As a music enthusiast, I've tried many AI music generators, but stands out for its simplicity and quality. Whether I want to let the AI take control or customize every detail, it always delivers impressive results. Plus, being able to save and organize my creations on NoteGPT is a neat bonus."

Michael Chen
Music Enthusiast

"AI Music Generator is a godsend for content creators like me. It streamlines the music creation process, allowing me to focus more on crafting engaging content. The option to customize lyrics and styles ensures that the music complements my videos perfectly, leading to increased viewer engagement."

Jessica Anderson
Content Creator

"I was skeptical about AI-generated music until I tried AI Music Generator. As a musician, I appreciate the level of control it offers while still harnessing AI's creativity. It's become an integral part of my songwriting process, sparking new ideas and helping me explore different musical styles effortlessly."

Mark Thompson

Frequently Asked Questions

AI Music Generator is an innovative online tool that uses artificial intelligence to create music based on text input. It allows users to customize lyrics and styles to generate unique musical compositions effortlessly.

The AI Music Generator operates on advanced algorithms that analyze the input text, understand musical patterns, and generate corresponding music tracks. Users can input descriptions of the music they want, and the AI translates that into actual compositions.

Yes, AI Music Generator is completely free to use. Users can access its full range of features without any cost, making it accessible to musicians, content creators, advertisers, and anyone interested in music creation.

Absolutely! The AI Music Generator offers two options for customization. Users can either opt for one-click music generation, where the AI creates music based on the input text, or they can take full control and customize lyrics, styles, titles, and even generate music covers.

Users can listen to and download the music generated by the AI Music Generator in various formats, including MP3 and WAV. This flexibility ensures compatibility with different devices and platforms.

Yes, AI Music Generator allows users to share their creations on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and others. This feature makes it ideal for content creators, influencers, and musicians looking to showcase their work to a wider audience.

Unlock your musical creativity with AI Music Generator!

Whether you're a seasoned musician, content creator, or music enthusiast, discover the power of AI to create personalized, high-quality music in just a few clicks. Let's dive in and bring your musical ideas to life!

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