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Easily convert YouTube videos to text transcripts for free online with NoteGPT. Download or copy the transcripts with timestamps.

Struggling to transcribe YouTube videos accurately?

Use NoteGPT to easily convert YouTube to text with timestamps.

  • Accuracy: NoteGPT provides highly accurate transcriptions, ensuring every word is captured correctly.
  • Efficiency: Save time and effort with NoteGPT's fast transcription process, generating text with timestamps in seconds.
  • Convenience: Easily access and download transcripts for future reference or use, enhancing productivity.

How to get transcript of YouTube video?

You can use NoteGPT to transcribe the YouTube videos with just 3 simple steps.

Step1: Upload Video

Simply paste the YouTube video link into NoteGPT.

Step2: Generate Transcript

Click "Generate" to convert YouTube video into text.

Step3: Download or Copy

Download YouTube transcript with timestamps or copy it for use.

Start transcribing your YouTube videos effortlessly!

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Why Choose YouTube Transcript Generator?

  • Free online tool, no need for login, installation of software, or plugins, or extension.
  • Fast and efficient – obtain transcripts for YouTube videos instantly with just a link.
  • Capable of retrieving transcripts for lengthy YouTube videos; even videos without transcripts can be generated using NoteGPT's AI.
  • Supports copying and downloading transcripts to txt, including copy transcript without timestamp information.
  • Offers complimentary AI summarization capabilities; use NoteGPT to grasp the entire YouTube transcript in just 1 minute.
  • Cloud storage and note-taking support for easy learning and reference in the future.

Use Cases

Made for content creators, students, researchers & youtuber minds of all kind.

Easily transcribe videos for closed captions or transcripts.

Content Creators

Easily transcribe videos for closed captions or transcripts.

Simplify note-taking from educational videos.

Students and Researchers

Simplify note-taking from educational videos.

Create written records from conference or seminar videos.


Create written records from conference or seminar videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

With YouTube Transcript Generator, Simply paste the YouTube video link into NoteGPT, click "Generate," and get the transcript with timestamps.

Many YouTube videos have an option to view subtitles or closed captions. You can also use NoteGPT to generate a transcript from the video link.

Yes, NoteGPT supports multiple languages for transcription.

NoteGPT provides highly accurate transcripts with timestamps.

NoteGPT can handle videos of various lengths without limitations.

Yes, you can edit the transcript within the NoteGPT interface.

Yes, NoteGPT allows you to export transcripts in multiple formats.

Absolutely, NoteGPT is designed to meet the needs of professionals, businesses or yt scribe.

What Our Users Say

"The Free YouTube Transcript Generator is a game-changer for me. As a marketing professional, I often need quick access to video transcripts. This tool is not only free but also incredibly efficient. It saves me valuable time, and I highly recommend it."

Sarah Johnson
Marketing Specialist

"Being a student, I frequently use YouTube for educational content. The Free YouTube Transcript Generator has been a lifesaver. It's user-friendly, fast, and the ability to copy transcripts without timestamps is a big plus. Definitely my go-to tool now!"

Alex Chen

"I deal with a lot of technical tutorials on YouTube, and accurate transcripts are crucial. The Free YouTube Transcript Generator has exceeded my expectations. It's reliable, and the option to download transcripts simplifies my workflow. Highly satisfied with this tool."

David Rodriguez
IT Consultant

"NoteGPT's timestamps make it easy to reference specific points in research interviews."

Emily Chen

"Using NoteGPT has streamlined our client meeting notes process. Great tool!"

Michael Thompson

"NoteGPT's transcripts have improved accessibility for our online course materials."

Laura Wilson

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