Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel the subscription?

Of course. You can cancel your subscription at any time in your Order Management.

After cancellation, the package will expire next month.

When is the billing processed?

If you purchase a plan today (on the 15th), the automatic deduction will occur on the 15th of each subsequent month.

What is quota?

When you use any AI-related feature, it consumes 1 quota. You may use quotas for AI Summary on the Transcript page, Summary, AI Chat, Regenerate Summary, AI Q&A, AI Explain, and Related Question Recommendations on the Summary page.

Empowering Over 100K Learners:
Boosting Learning Efficiency with intelligent Solutions

"NoteGPT is an intelligent assistant for learners that has played a significant role in my studies. By using NoteGPT to review transcripts and get AI video summaries, it has greatly enhanced my learning efficiency. I hope everyone can discover this excellent learning tool."

Freshman in College

"NoteGPT's impressive AI summarization ability has been a game-changer for me in my daily video research. It helps me quickly assess the quality of videos, saving me several hours of unproductive work each day. Now, I can channel more of my energy into in-depth video analysis. I believe I'll be a lifelong user of NoteGPT."


"I discovered NoteGPT, a smart learning tool, by chance this year and promptly recommended it to all my students. With features like timestamped video notes and advanced AI, including AI Explain, it helps students gain a deeper understanding of the material. This is a must-have extension for every learner."

Educational Consultant