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Supercharge Your Knowledge with NoteGPT Tab - NoteGPT

Supercharge Your Knowledge with NoteGPT Tab

Use AI to collect and summarize links, discover new insights with AI search. Powerful AI Knowledge Manager!

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AI Summary for Long Video & Text - NoteGPT

AI Summary for Long Videos, Articles and Text

Instantly summarize lengthy videos, articles and texts in seconds with NoteGPT AI for Free. Effortlessly  grasp complex content.

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Q&A and Chatting with AI Assistant

Combine AI Q&A and AI Explain with YouTube Summary, leveraging ChatGPT to enhance the comprehension of video content by providing detailed explanations for each segment.

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Chatting with AI Assistant by NoteGPT
YouTube Video Timestamped Transcript - NoteGPT

YouTube Video Timestamped Transcript

Easily browse videos with 1-click timestamp  tracking. Enhances accessibility for flexible,  multidimensional comprehension.

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Note-taking with  Automated Snapping

Capture key information while watching videos  with Auto Snap and note-taking, recording  thoughts and ideas anytime.

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Note-taking with Automated Snapping - NoteGPT
AI Flashcards Generating and Saving - NoteGPT

AI Flashcards Generating and Saving

1-click extraction of Quizlet, Cram and more. Instant access in your personal library for  ongoing review. Information saved permanently.

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Notes Managing  with Folders

Easily locate notes using powerful filters,  search, folders and tags. Manage your notes intelligently,  and build your exclusive personal note and flashcard library.

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Notes Managing with Folders - NoteGPT
Notes Sharing with Your Friends - NoteGPT

Notes Sharing with Your Friends

Generate shareable links with embedded screenshots,  notes, summaries and timestamped transcripts.  Effortless collaboration.

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NoteGPT is a game-changer for my learning journey! With YouTube Summary and ChatGPT, I breeze through video summaries in 5 seconds, and the lifesaver is the AI Q&A feature. My notes keep everything organized – a must-have for any online learner.

Alternative Text
Online Worker

NoteGPT's tech-savvy approach is impressive! The YouTube notes feature is powerful, and automatic screenshots help me capture video content on the fly. It's not just a Chrome extension; it's a tech lover's dream tool.

Alternative Text
Tech Enthusiast

NoteGPT is a language learner's dream come true. Supporting platforms like Quizlet, I can extract flashcards with a click, saving them to NoteGPT's workspace for anytime language practice. It takes language learning to new heights!

Alternative Text
College Student

NoteGPT is my secret efficiency weapon. The Chrome extension for YouTube Summary is fantastic, and the AI Explain feature gives insights through word highlighting. Genius move. A must-have for any busy professional.

Alternative Text
Busy Professional

As a multilingual learner, NoteGPT's transcriptions are a gem. Outstanding multi platform support, and the transcription feature makes it my top choice. It's a language enthusiast's dream!

Alternative Text

NoteGPT is my go-to for knowledge pursuit. Unmatched plugin support across platforms. The Article Summary extension condenses articles or podcasts into key insights, boosting efficiency by 10 times. It's a paradise for knowledge seekers!

Alternative Text
Knowledge Seeker

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Frequently Asked Questions

NoteGPT aims to be an intelligent learning assistant for all types of learners. It allows you to obtain summaries and 20s overviews of any information you want from any website, including videos and articles. Through AI-powered summaries, notes, and other AI capabilities, it aims to save 60% of your time.

You can simply use the NoteGPT website's workspace for video or text summarization. Additionally, we offer Chrome extensions for YouTube , Udemy, Coursera , Vimeo , BiliBili , Google, and more, making it even more convenient for you.

We are working on a AI Note Library which offers high quality study notes or video summaries from selected users.

NoteGPT AI Service is free but comes with limited usage. Each AI service consumes one quota. Once you've used up 15 quotas, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan for additional quotas. The paid plan offers other benefits, such as more stable and faster service responses, along with one-on-one customer support.
Visit NoteGPT' pricing page for more information.

You can cancel your subscription by clicking the plan button on the workspace to open the plan panel. Simply locate the "Unsubscript" section and click on the text to proceed.

Join the NoteGPT Discord Community , to discuss this tool and ask questions. Also direct message me on Twitter, or send me an email at [email protected].

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