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Get YouTube transcript and use AI to summarize YouTube videos in one click for free online.

How to Summarize YouTube Videos?

You can easily summarize the youtube videos use NoteGPT with just 3 simple steps

Step1: Get Video URL

Get and copy video URL from

Step2: Paste Video URL

Paste URL into the field above and hit "Generate Summary" button.

Step3: Generate Summary

You can get youtube transcripts and summary with AI.

Chrome Extensions for YouTube Summary

For a better experience, you can install and use our free AI Chrome Extensions.

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NoteGPT: YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Notes

    1. YouTube Video Summarization with ChatGPT OpenAI: Use ChatGPT to quickly generate summaries and abstracts for YouTube videos, enhancing content comprehension.
    2. Efficient Note-Taking with NoteGPT AI: NoteGPT AI enables seamless note-taking during video watching, including the capture of screenshots and timestamped notes for efficient and rapid learning.
    3. Comprehensive Tool Features:
    • Time-saving: Locate specific points in video transcripts with a single click.
    • Insightful Summaries: Customize video summaries for a rapid 5-second overview.
    • Note Empowerment: Record intelligent notes with timestamps and effortlessly capture screenshots.
    • AI Chat Functionality: Engage in intelligent conversations with NoteGPT AI for in-depth answers about video content.

NoteGPT: YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Notes

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is an online tool that can automatically generate text summaries of YouTube videos.

It can capture the main ideas of the video, but will not perfectly transcribe the entire video word-for-word. The summary quality depends on the video content.

No payment is needed. This YouTube video summarizer tool is completely free to use.

It works best for 10-60 minute long explanatory videos, such as educational or speech-style videos.

Currently it mainly supports English language videos. Support for other languages may be added in the future.

Anyone with access to the Internet

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