The 5 Best Practical AI Podcasts of 2024 for Podcast Lovers

The 5 Best Practical AI Podcasts of 2024 for Podcast Lovers - NoteGPT



Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming businesses and our daily lives. As AI continues its seemingly inexorable march forward, more people want to understand this powerful technology and its implications. AI podcasts are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest AI innovations, applications, issues and more.

If you're an AI enthusiast looking for the best AI podcasts of 2024, you've come to the right place. Below I highlight my top 5 picks for the most informative, engaging and useful AI podcasts for understanding real-world, practical applications of this transformative technology.

AI Unleashed - The Coming Artificial Intelligence

AI Unleashed is one of my favorite AI podcasts because it really does “dive deep” into key topics across the AI landscape. The episodes explore groundbreaking technologies like machine learning and deep learning, as well as crucial issues like AI ethics and policy.

Some of my favorite recent episodes include:

  • How AI is Transforming Healthcare
  • The Next Generation of Self-Driving Cars
  • Can AI Be Truly Creative? Experts Disagree

I appreciate that AI Unleashed brings together expert guests with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. The hosts ask smart, probing questions that get to the heart of complex subjects. Each episode leaves me feeling like I’ve greatly expanded my AI literacy.

AI Unleashed - The Coming Artificial Intelligence - NoteGPT

Ask More of AI: A Podcast From Salesforce

As a major AI player with Einstein, its AI platform, Salesforce has tremendous insights to share across AI’s business applications. Ask More of AI draws on Salesforce’s AI leadership and expertise for practical conversations about using AI in organizations.

Ask More of AI gets more philosophical than other AI podcasts I listen to, while still offering very pragmatic advice. Some standout recent episodes include:

  • Building Ethical AI: A Conversation with Timnit Gebru
  • Democratizing AI — How to Spread Benefits Widely
  • AI Strategies for Small Businesses

This forward-thinking podcast provides useful AI best practices that businesses small and large can start applying right away.

Ask More of AI: A Podcast From Salesforce - NoteGPT

The AI Breakdown

For AI news junkies like me, The AI Breakdown from Bouvet is a must-listen. These brief daily videos quickly catch you up on the most important AI updates and innovations. I feel I have my finger on the pulse of everything major happening in AI thanks to this podcast’s crisp reporting.

Some interesting recent news highlights include:

  • Advances in Emotional AI
  • The Latest AI Applications in Finance
  • OpenAI’s New Game-Changing Language Model

At just 5-10 minutes per episode, The AI Breakdown packs an impressive amount of vital AI news into a tight package. It’s perfect for busy people who want bite-sized bursts of the most critical AI knowledge.

The AI Breakdown - NoteGPT

This Day in AI

The hosts of This Day in AI, brothers Michael and Chris Sharkey, have an easygoing rapport filled with insightful AI commentary. Each hour-long episode focuses on AI’s growing role in technological and societal change. Recent memorable episodes include:

  • AI’s Environmental Impact
  • AI in Hollywood: Creativity Meets Technology
  • Key AI Influencers to Follow in 2024

I like how This Day in AI mixes broader perspectives on AI’s influence with lots of relatable examples from business, pop culture, politics and more. The podcast leaves me considering AI advancements through a thoughtful, humanistic lens.

This Day in AI - NoteGPT

The Prompt: A Podcast For All Things AI

Rounding out my top AI podcast list is The Prompt from Anthropic, an AI safety startup to watch. The Prompt offers approachable explanations of key AI concepts like generative adversarial networks (GANs). It also features ideas everyone can use about practical AI applications, like writing better with AI assistance.

Some episodes really worth a listen include:

  • The Promise and Peril of Language Models
  • Turning AI Artistry into Business
  • Getting Hired in AI: Tips from the Experts

Whether you’re new to AI or an experienced practitioner, you’ll come away from The Prompt episodes with useful AI knowledge and skills.

The Prompt: A Podcast For All Things AI - NoteGPT

The AI Podcasts You Need in 2024

I hope these diverse AI podcast recommendations provide the perfect mix of big ideas, news updates, and practical guidance to fuel your AI learning journey through 2024 and beyond. The good news is that NoteGPT is researching new products on how to use AI quickly learn podcasts, with the aim of allowing podcast enthusiasts to learn faster and better.

Listening to great AI podcasts is one of the best ways I've found to stay at the leading edge of this fast-moving field. These podcasts showcase AI’s incredible innovations while spotlighting important issues around ethics, bias, job loss and more that we all need to grapple with.

Here’s to an exciting year ahead following these phenomenal podcasts exploring AI’s positive potential as well as its challenges as artificial intelligence increasingly shapes our collective future.

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