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Instagram Followers


In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, managing your Instagram profile efficiently is crucial. Whether you are a content creator, marketer, or influencer, understanding your audience is key to success. This is where IG Tools comes into play, providing you with a powerful set of features to export and analyze your Instagram data seamlessly.

Unveiling IG Follower Export Tool

IG Tools proudly presents its revolutionary feature - the IG Follower Export Tool. This cutting-edge tool empowers users to export their Instagram followers and following lists effortlessly. Whether you're a brand looking to analyze your audience demographics or an individual keen on understanding your Instagram connections, this tool is your go-to solution.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Export: With a user-friendly interface, IG Follower Export Tool allows you to export your followers or the accounts you are following effortlessly.
  2. Scale Matters: Capable of exporting up to 50,000 followers, IG Tools ensures you have the capability to analyze even the most extensive follower base.
  3. Versatile Formats: Choose between CSV and Excel formats, both meticulously structured with relevant columns to simplify your data analysis process.
  4. Column Clarity: Supported columns include numeric Instagram ID, user name, full name, profile picture URL, and a verification status indicator, providing comprehensive insights into your audience.

How to Leverage IG Follower Export Tool:

  1. Open the extension’s popup by clicking the puzzle button in the right section of the toolbar.
  2. Locate the IG Tools icon and initiate the IG Follower Export Tool.
  3. Choose the "Export Instagram Data" option.
  4. The export tool interface will appear.
  5. Specify the target IG username or URL.
  6. Click the "Start" button and follow the step-by-step instructions within the app.

Instagram imposes rate limits on the number of data requests, and IG Tools is equipped to handle these challenges seamlessly.

  • Cooldown Mode: In the event of a rate limit error due to a massive follower list export, the app enters "Cooldown" mode. A timer displays the remaining cooldown time.
  • Cooldown Extension: If the error persists, the cooldown period increases 2x, ensuring a smoother transition back to normal operation once the cooldown concludes successfully.

Introducing IG Comments Export Feature

Beyond followers, IG Tools elevates your Instagram data analysis with the IG Comments Export feature. Gain valuable insights into the engagement on your posts by exporting comments efficiently.

How to Utilize IG Comments Export:

  1. Follow the same initial steps as IG Follower Export Tool.
  2. Choose the "Export Instagram Comments" option.
  3. Specify the target post URL.
  4. Click "Start" and follow the instructions within the app.

IG Tools - Balancing Free and Premium Access

IG Tools operates on a freemium model, ensuring accessibility while offering additional benefits to premium users.

  • Free Usage: Export up to 550 followers for free, giving you a taste of the tool's capabilities without any financial commitment.
  • Upgrade Benefits: For those requiring more extensive analysis, an upgrade is available. Create an account or log in with your Google account to unlock the full potential of IG Tools.
  • Refund Policy: Before making a purchase, we encourage users to explore the free version. Please note that we do not offer refunds once a premium subscription is purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Q: What is the maximum number of followers I can export for free with IG Tools?
    • A: IG Tools allows free users to export up to 550 followers.
  2. Q: How do I handle rate limit errors during follower export?
    • A: IG Tools has a Cooldown mode that activates in case of rate limit errors. The app gradually increases the cooldown period for a smoother transition back to normal operation.
  3. Q: Can I export comments from any Instagram post with IG Tools?
    • A: Yes, IG Tools' Comments Export feature allows you to export comments from any Instagram post. Simply provide the post URL to initiate the process.
  4. Q: What formats are available for exporting followers with IG Tools?
    • A: IG Tools supports both CSV and Excel formats, providing users with flexibility in data analysis.
  5. Q: Is there a refund policy for IG Tools' premium subscription?
    • A: No, we do not offer refunds for premium subscriptions. We encourage users to explore the free version before making a purchase.
  6. Q: Can I export followers from a private Instagram account with IG Tools?
    • A: No, IG Tools is designed to respect privacy settings. It can only export followers from public Instagram accounts.

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