Save for Later: Saving Tabs in Chrome with Smart Tab – A Guide 2024

Save for Later: Saving Tabs in Chrome with Smart Tab - A Guide 2024

Welcome to my blog! In this post, I'll be explaining how to use the Smart Tab extension for Google Chrome to easily save tabs for later reading.

What is Smart Tab?

Smart Tab is a Chrome extension that allows you to save open tabs to organize and read later. It works across all your devices, allows you to add notes to saved pages, and recommends related content.

Smart Tab by NoteGPT - AI Tab Manager
Smart Tab by NoteGPT - AI Tab Manager

Why Save Open Tabs for Later?

There are a few key reasons why you may want to save open tabs to revisit later:

Reduce Tab Clutter

Too many open tabs can quickly become overwhelming. Smart Tab lets you tidy up tab clutter by saving pages in organized collections.

Save Interesting Content

We often open tabs of interesting content we don’t have time to read right away. With Smart Tab you can easily save these tabs for future reference.

Research and Project Management

Smart Tab makes it easy to collect and organize research content. You can create project-based collections and access saved tabs from any device.

Offline Access

Smart Tab allows you to access saved pages even when you're offline for convenient reading anytime.


Smart Tab analyzes your saves and suggests additional pages you may find useful based on your interests.

How to Save Tabs in Chrome with Smart Tab

Ready to start saving tabs for later? Here is step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Install Smart Tab Chrome Extension

You can add Smart Tab from the Chrome Web Store. It’s free! Click it link: Smart Tab by NoteGPT - AI Tab Manager

Install Smart Tab Chrome Extension - NoteGPT
Install Smart Tab Chrome Extension

Step 2: Save Individual Tabs

To save a specific open tab, click the Smart Tab extension icon in your browser toolbar. A drop-down menu appears allowing you to name and save the tab in an existing or new collection.

To save a specific open tab, click the Smart Tab extension icon in your browser toolbar

Step 3: Save Multiple Tabs to a New Collection

Right click anywhere on a tab strip to pull up a Smart Tab menu. Here you can create a collection and click to choose multiple tabs to add directly.

Save Multiple Tabs to a New Collection

Step 4: Manage Saved Tab Collections

Click the Smart Tab icon to view your collections. From here you can name, organize, search and manage notes for your collections.

Manage Saved Tab Collections with Smart Tab

Step 5: Find and Access Saved Tabs from Anywhere

Saved tabs automatically sync across devices when you're logged into your Google account. You can access tabs through the Smart Tab icon or via the Smart Tab web and mobile apps. smart search with ai or keyword search with ai.

Find and Access Saved Tabs from Anywhere

Advanced Smart Tab Features

Beyond basic tab saves and organization, Smart Tab has some great premium power user features including:

Tab Search

Easily find tabs in your collections using keywords, page title and url search options.

Notes and Highlights

Add notes and highlight key text passages on saved pages for future reference.


Set due dates and reminders on saved content so you remember to revisit pages.


Smart Tab serves up custom recommendations so you can uncover more great content.

Multilingual Support

Smart Tab supports dozens of interface languages like Spanish, French, Chinese and more.

Smart Tab Use Cases

Here are just a few examples of how Smart Tab can be useful:

Research Projects

Save and organize pages for ongoing research papers and projects. Never lose great sources again!

Shopping Comparisons

Thinking of making a purchase? Save multiple product tabs in a collection for easy price and feature comparisons.

Reading List

Collect interesting articles and chrome save tabs you want to read when you have more time. Access your personalized reading list from any device.

Travel Planning

Researching upcoming travel destinations? Save pages about places to stay, iconic sights, restaurants and more in an organized travel collection.

Work In Progress

For ongoing work, save web page drafts, reference materials, and other tabs into project collections.

Summary - The Easiest Way to Save Tabs

Smart Tab makes it incredibly simple to save open chrome tabs, access them from anywhere, and stay organized. If you find yourself with constant tab clutter or constantly emailing links to yourself - give Smart Tab a try! It's a smart chrome extension that will save you time and ensure you never lose great web content again.

Start boosting your browsing productivity by saving tabs for later with Smart Tab.

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