Discover the Best Replacement for Google Podcasts – 2024 Guide


In a surprising move, Google announced in late 2023 that it would be shutting down its Google Podcasts app and service. This decision left many podcast fans scrambling to find an alternative platform to manage their podcast subscriptions and listening experience. Fear not, as the podcast ecosystem is thriving, and there are plenty of excellent replacements available in 2024. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the reasons behind Google's decision, the timeline for the shutdown, and the top five platforms to consider as your new go-to for all things podcasting. and learn about NoteGPT's free youtube podcast summary generator for YouTube Music Podcasts.

Why is Google Podcasts Going Away?

Google's decision to discontinue its Podcasts app and service came as a surprise to many, as the platform had amassed a sizable user base over the years. However, the company cited several reasons for this strategic move:

  1. Shifting Priorities: Google has been increasingly focused on developing and promoting its own line of hardware products, such as the Pixel smartphones and Nest smart home devices. As a result, it has been streamlining its software offerings to better align with these core business areas.
  2. Fierce Competition: The podcast market has become increasingly crowded, with established players like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and a plethora of third-party apps vying for user attention. Google likely recognized the challenge of competing in this space and decided to allocate its resources elsewhere.
  3. Lack of Monetization: While podcasts have gained immense popularity, monetizing the platform has been a challenge for tech giants like Google. With limited revenue streams from podcasting, the company may have deemed the service non-essential to its bottom line.
  4. Integration with Other Services: Google has been working on integrating podcast functionality into other services, such as Google Assistant and YouTube. This move suggests that the company may be shifting towards a more integrated approach to podcasting rather than maintaining a dedicated standalone app.

When Will Google Podcasts Shut Down?

Google has provided a detailed timeline for the shutdown of its Podcasts service:

  • March 1, 2024: Google Podcasts will stop accepting new subscriptions or uploads.
  • After April 2, 2024: You will no longer be able to listen to podcasts or access your subscriptions within the Google Podcasts app or service.
  • June 1, 2024: The Google Podcasts app will no longer be available for download on the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • Before July 2024: If you want to preserve your Google Podcasts subscriptions, you need to take action in one of the following ways:
    • Export Your Subscriptions: Google will provide an option to export your podcast subscriptions as an OPML file before July 2024. This file can then be imported into other podcast apps, allowing you to seamlessly transfer your subscriptions.
    • Transfer to Another Platform: Google may also offer a direct transfer option to migrate your subscriptions and listening data to another podcast platform before July 2024. Details on compatible platforms and the transfer process are yet to be announced.
  • September 1, 2024: Google Podcasts will officially shut down, and all user data, including subscriptions and listening history, will be permanently deleted.
When Will Google Podcasts Shut Down?

Google strongly recommends that you export your podcast subscriptions before April 2, 2024, to ensure a smooth transition to another platform. The export process will allow you to save your subscription list as an OPML file, which can then be imported into other podcast apps of your choice. While Google has not provided specific details on the export process yet, users can expect instructions on how to export their subscriptions in the coming months. It is advisable to keep an eye out for updates from Google and complete the export process well before the April 2, 2024 deadline.

After April 2, 2024, Google Podcasts will cease to function

After April 2, 2024, Google Podcasts will cease to function, and all user data, including subscriptions and listening history, will be permanently deleted. Therefore, it is crucial to take action and export your subscriptions if you wish to continue your podcast listening experience seamlessly on an alternative platform.

Moving Your Google Podcasts Subscriptions

Google has provided two main options for migrating your podcast subscriptions away from Google Podcasts before it shuts down:

Move Your Subscriptions to YouTube Music

One option is to move your subscriptions directly to YouTube Music, Google's music streaming service that also supports podcasts. Here are the key details:

  • YouTube Music will allow you to transfer your existing Google Podcasts subscriptions and listening history.
  • An automated migration tool will likely be provided closer to the shutdown date to facilitate this transfer process.
  • YouTube Music is available across mobile apps, desktop, and the web.
  • It offers personalized podcast recommendations alongside music playlists.

Shifting to YouTube Music can be a convenient choice, especially if you already use YouTube's ecosystem of apps and services. However, it's worth noting that YouTube Music's podcast experience may not be as dedicated or feature-rich as some third-party podcast apps.

Move Your Subscriptions to Another Podcast App

The second option is to export your Google Podcasts subscriptions and then import them into a third-party podcast app of your choice. Google has confirmed it will provide an OPML export option before July 2024, allowing you to save your subscription list.

Popular podcast apps that support OPML import include:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Pocket Casts
  • Overcast
  • Castro
  • And many others

Exporting to OPML gives you the flexibility to choose any podcast app that meets your needs, whether it's advanced features, cross-platform support, or a particular user interface you prefer.

Regardless of which option you choose, it's crucial to take action before the shutdown deadlines to avoid losing your podcast subscriptions and listening data. Google recommends starting the migration process well before April 2, 2024, to ensure a smooth transition.

The 6 Best Google Podcasts Replacement Platforms of 2024

With Google Podcasts on its way out, podcast enthusiasts need to find a new home for their audio adventures. Here are the top five platforms to consider as replacements in 2024:

YouTube Music

YouTube Music As Google's own music streaming service, YouTube Music is a natural choice for many former Google Podcasts users. It offers the ability to transfer your existing podcast subscriptions and listening history from Google Podcasts. YouTube Music is available across mobile apps, desktop, and the web, and it provides personalized podcast recommendations alongside music playlists.

Apple Podcasts

As the pioneer in the podcasting space, Apple Podcasts remains a top choice for many users. With a vast library of podcasts, intuitive user interface, and seamless integration with Apple devices, it's a natural fit for those already invested in the Apple ecosystem.


Spotify has been aggressively expanding its podcast offerings in recent years, making it a compelling alternative for both music and podcast lovers. With exclusive content, personalized recommendations, and a user-friendly interface, Spotify is a strong contender for your new podcast home.


Stitcher is a dedicated podcast app that has been around for over a decade, offering a vast library of podcasts, personalized recommendations, and a sleek user experience. It's a solid choice for those looking for a dedicated podcasting solution without the bells and whistles of music streaming services.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a popular third-party podcast app known for its clean design, powerful features, and cross-platform compatibility. With options for web, desktop, and mobile apps, Pocket Casts is a versatile choice for podcast enthusiasts who value a seamless experience across multiple devices.


Overcast is a highly regarded podcast app for iOS, renowned for its smart features, such as Voice Boost, which enhances podcast audio quality, and Smart Speed, which trims silences without distorting the audio. It's an excellent choice for iOS users who prioritize audio quality and advanced playback controls.

Each of these platforms offers unique features and strengths, so it's essential to explore and choose the one that best aligns with your preferences and listening habits.

How to Get Summaries of YouTube Podcasts with NoteGPT

While Google Podcasts is shutting down, those who migrate to YouTube Music can still enjoy a convenient podcast summarization tool offered by NoteGPT. In early 2024, NoteGPT launched a free online tool called YouTube Podcast Summary Generator.

AI YouTube Podcast Summary Generator - NoteGPT

Here's how you can leverage this tool to get concise summaries of your favorite podcast episodes on YouTube Music:

  1. Find the Podcast Episode: Within the YouTube Music app or website, locate the podcast episode you want to summarize.
  2. Enable Subtitles/Transcript: Make sure to turn on the subtitles or transcript for that episode, as the summary generator relies on this text data.
  3. Copy the Episode URL: Copy the URL of the podcast episode from YouTube Music.
  4. Paste into the Podcast Summary Generator: Go to NoteGPT's YouTube Podcast Summary Generator website, paste the episode URL, and click "Summarize".
  5. Review and Customize: The tool will process the subtitles or transcript and generate a concise summary. You can adjust the summary length and focus areas according to your preferences.

The YouTube Podcast Summary Generator leverages advanced natural language processing to analyze the text and extract the most essential points, saving you the time and effort of manually reviewing transcripts or listening to entire episodes.

While this tool may not replicate the full experience of AI assistants like ChatGPT or Claude, it offers a quick and convenient way to get high-quality summaries of your podcast episodes on YouTube Music.

By combining the extensive podcast library of YouTube Music with NoteGPT's summarization capabilities, you can create a powerful and time-efficient podcast experience tailored to your needs.

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